when you living the life on top,balling every night,got bankroll,and your problem free!
I now some young homies who like to swang

-rae sremmurd
by la.2lit February 27, 2017
1. To Bump n Grind.

2. To dance sexually (penis to butt - or otherwise if girl/girl)
Danggggg, Andre was SWANGin' last night.

he caught SWANG FLU!
by ANDRE ALL DAY May 4, 2009
To be cool, neat, awesome, rad.

Better than the word swag. And said by putting their right pinkie up to the side of ones lips and say "swang!"
*Likes something on tumblr*
"OUUU that Picts hella *puts pinkie by lips* swang!"
by ColorfulwordsxD May 11, 2014
A combination of the words sway and gang. Can happen when your music is "so loud" or when "riding da yellow bus"
I started to swang when my music on my yellow bus got really loud.
by Xavier707 May 27, 2009
amazing, fabulous, cool, great. this word is so swag. it's a thang. it's basically a mixture of lit and peng
Oh my god did you see what Taniya was wearing last night? She looked so swang
by lunamoonie September 15, 2018
Type or form of urbanized dancing, possibly a prelude to "bumping and grinding"; first came to pass in America during the 1980's, made famous by the Human League song "Swang" from their 1986 album "Crash"

"Swang, real city dancing, yeah!"
by Jiiive January 20, 2009