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1. Electronic device comprised of the junction of three doped silicas of two polarisations, used as a switching device.

2. Sibling of ambiguous or recently altered gender.
Yo dawg, what wit dat crack-smoking ho transistor of yoos? She got cooch or gooch?
by Miriam June 06, 2004
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An album made by 311 which was released in mid 1997. The collection includes songs such as "Prisoner","Transistor",and their big hit "Beautiful Disaster". The album has over 20 songs which vary from hard rocking stuff to electronic tunes to melodic laid back tunes. A great overall 311 album for you to pick up if interested in the band.
Yo that 311 cd "Transistor" is the shit!
by 311 junkie April 30, 2005
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A sick-ass motherfucking voltage-controlled switch.
Jose: Yo dog Intel got the new shit! Them be using 10 nm shit for their transistors. Shit is crazy. You feel me dog?
Alex: That's some crazy shit right there homie. How they gonna stop them electrons tunneling over that shit?
Jose: Them be using new materials n shit.

transistor, transistor
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by elektrical November 29, 2016
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