Short for versus.

The fight's gonna be 12 vs 11.
by Jafje September 1, 2007
I dont see why girls in high school expect VS bags on their doorstep from their 17 year old bf. Chill he doesn't even have lunch money.
by booshy November 24, 2014
Abbreviation for "versus". Sometimes the S is left out.
"Ryu VS Ken! Round 1! Fight!"
-Street Fighter
by Dave September 13, 2004
Pearl Jam's kickass sophomore album. Seems to have more of a hard rock style to it than a grunge style.
I listened to VS all the way through, from Go to Indifference. I think I'll listen to it again.
by Kazaam December 18, 2004
VS - Very sorry

When you want to sincerely apologize to someone special when you honestly didn't mean to upset them. This term is specified to over the internet misunderstandings. Usually happens when you send a message via the internet and nonverbal cues can't be retrieved. Thus contorting the actual intention of the message. Also expressed when you care very much about the person and honest to God didn't mean to upset them. Tell someone you love that you're very sorry :(
oh gosh, i think i upset someone i love so much. I'm VS <3
by Disculpa.amor June 2, 2010
Vagina Sauce, or Vaginal Secretion. Also known as "cum" or "juice."
She was a squirter, her VS shot out like a water fountain.
by Eric January 25, 2005