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The year of the horse according to the Chinese calender and also the year where The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers beats Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as the top grossing film of that year. Metroid Prime won game of the year by several game magazines and I THINK rams won the superbowl that year OHNO! wait! they didn't they lost to the Patriots 17-20.

The Eminem show is the best selling album of 2002. Blockbuster refuses numerous offers to buy Netflix and by 2012 Nexflix's earning eclipses that of blockbusters. Dial-up is still a thing, borders is still a thing, tower records is still a thing, and even a fucking a apple's 700mhz ibook is still a thing. the Nintendo Game Cube is around and so is the Sony Playstation 2 and as well as the Microsoft Xbox.

Elizabeth Smart gets kidnapped and president George W. Bush does a bunch of stupid shit including chocking on a fucking pretzel. Yes that was actually a story back then and he even talked about it on the national news, Also quoting the infamous line: "Chew before you swallow."

All in all 2002 was a EH! year.
George W. Bush: Goddamn' that pretzel must work for Al Qaeda! son of a bitch almost killed me.
Dick Cheney: Are you alright honey bun? i hope that rug burn on your face isn't throbbing too much.
George W. Bush: It's 2002 and these terrorist are gettin' sophisticated. fuck it! i'm send out the nukes over to that place's name i keep mispronouncing.
by Adamantflame April 12, 2013
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2014 is 2 years after the end of the world which didn't occur in 2012. 2014 is 100 years after World War I which started in 1914. Also the year where people will believe 2pac will come back alive because of some Machiavelli bullshit but that shit is less believable than the 2012 hoax and Y2K scare put combined. He got shot...end of story. Obamacare 2014 will probably kick in, pissing off alot of businesses. the news will say that the economy is fucking awesome all while the super best friends at the FED do all they can to debase the currency, causing more inflation and fuck up the economy some more. Most likely some dumbass people will believe that an asteroid will hit earth. Also according to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Winter Olympics are held in Russia. FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. The Hobbits will be in theaters in 3D!!The completion of One World Trade Center should be around this time as well. In the Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion the story is set in the year 2015 so we are just one year away from an Angel attack.
Guy 1: 2014 is gay! when are we having another end of the world year?
Guy 2: Well, Marty Mcfly gets on the delorean time machine with the doc in the year twenty-fifteen so we should be good another year.
Gut 1: GAY!
by Adamantflame April 14, 2013
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