A year that was better then most. Sure there were a few terrorists and some large hurricanes, but all in all one of the best years since 2004.
2005 was sooo much better then 1925.
by Max Kuhns December 29, 2005
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the current year, pronounced twenty oh five, no one ever said one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine
wooooooooo it the year 20 0 5!!!!!!!
by curlz January 29, 2005
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The year tupac's comming back.
Tupac is comming back winter somewhere near 2006
by Serge February 28, 2005
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Probably the dullest year I've ever had to live in. Born in May 1991, here. Nothing particularly happened that year; and everything was becoming degrading as fuck. (i.e. Hip Hop, Hollywood, MTV, Emo, Nu metal, fat people/fast food) plus I was 14 years old, a Cajun; had to finish that hardass depressing 8th grade test and learn French fluently (so boring), to pass Junior High onto High school. And I lived in shithole Lake Charles, Louisiana when Hurricane Rita struck. (and we had to evacuate to boring, trashy-ass Natchez, Mississippi, for cover.)
2005 was by far the dullest year I've ever had to live through. Nobody significant died though. But 2005 was the time when America (and the rest of the Western world) was becoming kinda retarded. Anyone agree? Thank god that awful year is 13 years over.
by Charmouche April 24, 2018
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The football game following Madden 2004. The game added the new "hit-stick" feature and you only have to pay $50 for this great new game!
"Wow I just spent $50 in hopes that Madden 2005 would introduce something more then a new way to "hit" someone."
by Salchite December 10, 2004
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