Madden 2005 is a much better game then ESPN 2K5.
by Phat Beatz September 6, 2004
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Amazing car. This car is much different from its previous models and is efficient in gas mileage and is decent for racing. Not entirely expensive and very reliable. <3
My pontiac sunfire 2005 is much better then your honda civic.
by musicislife728 June 18, 2008
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1. One might say a this derives from "Boobmeister 2000". It has changed over the years and months. And it has become "Boobmeister 2005". You should change the year to meet your current year. There really is no meaning.
Andrew is a Boobmeister 2005.
by Jessica Marrufo April 4, 2005
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Walking red flags. Not good people. Not trustworthy.
When he told me he was one of the 2005 kids, I walked away.
by LETC March 10, 2022
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Definitions from 2005 are what make up the majority of top rated definitions on Urban Dictionary

All or most of them were written in or around 2005 or earlier. Because of this, they are generally outdated, reflect the views people had in 2005, and are known to not be reliable. People should keep writing and redefining definitions to keep them up to date.
Hey, I looked up a word on Urban Dictionary, here are the results!

These are all Definitions From 2005, it needs to be updated.
by Funnel-Vortex May 12, 2014
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In this day a wonderful, smart, brave, caring person was born. She can be whatever she wants and she is good at everything because she deserves it. She will be kind to you because kindness is her nature: so act like a good little shit. She is blessed with joy, love and success, and with her super cute ass.

Back in 2005

X: what day is it?
Y: it's 11 April 2005
X: today it's a great day
by Ouranià September 5, 2020
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When the cutest cuties are born.
Person #1 "He's such a cutie!"
Person #2 "He was born on February 5th 2005, of course he is!
by Magic kitty March 31, 2022
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