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I'm outta here.
peace out

Used in text messages.
Holding 2 fingers up: as in good bye, peace.
gtg, 2 out
by Brandi M January 10, 2009
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When your day is suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by poop. Your busy, and just a minute ago you were fine, but suddenly you've got a slippery bowling ball in your ass that is just about to punch its way out and all you can do is drop whatever you were doing and dash (hilarously) to the can.
Gilbert: Rodney, I didn't know you'd be here, how you been man?
Rodney: Hold that thought, Rodney needs to take a #2 time out.
by Babbo July 30, 2008
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Suicide in class. You stick a #2 pencil as far up your nose as you can and then slam your head on the desk.
"Dave took the #2 way out in Math last week!"
by tacticalcornfield August 7, 2017
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When fucking a bitch from behind, you spit on her back and then she thinks you have cummed and when she turns around you bust in her face! AWWW SKEET SKEET SKEET!
"The bitch was being dumb so i did a 2 shot fake out and that shut her up, my nukka!"
by Joey Gilliam February 14, 2006
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