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Slang term for a woman, the difference is we both have mouths and arses but men have one piss hole and women have a piss hole and fuck hole, 2 holes.
Bloody Gary keeps adding this 2 hole. Time to fuck him off

My old 2 hole is trying to take my kids off me, what should I do lads?

How good is this 2 hole!

Any of you dad fuckers got a mad 2 hole to sink tinnies with?
by glen2602 January 09, 2017
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n. redeye; anus; place that ass matter tumbles out of; exit-only orifice.

Also: an expression of getting screwed royally, esp. as regards to price-gouging
$9.00 to see Gigli? Damn, I haven't taken it up the 2 hole like that since Waterworld!
by Dr. Metal August 11, 2003
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