When asked how her trip was, Kelly responded with "Terrible. My last flight was a redeye and I'm exhausted."
by Kat December 11, 2003
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the act of showing someone your rosey clean anus; usually used as a taunt. See browneye
Ralph dropped his drawers, pulled his butt cheeks apart and gave the girls a redeye.
by David December 2, 2003
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The burning, yet satisfying, sensation you sometimes feel after taking a steaming dump
My god... my ass damn near exploded. I know I sure as hell blew up that toilet down there. I got a serious redeye at the moment. My ass keeps clenching too, like I'm still trying to pinch one out.
by Creamy Beaver July 7, 2004
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the bloodied browneye after it has been penetrated by a large penis, object or fierce dump.
That girl used to have a browneye until I banged her,now she's got a redeye and she still can't sit down right.
by Jason the dirty one July 28, 2006
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1. Bad whiskey, usually rye for its red color, in the Old West.
2. The anal pore.
When we mooned the cops I gave them my redeye.
by Joel D. Parker September 27, 2006
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referring to the effects of weed on yer eyes and your readiness to depart.
ahhh shit dude I'm redeye to go to mc,d's I gots me the munchies.
by frank33s August 10, 2008
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the worst movie ever made, literally that bad
wes craven should never be allowed to make anymore movies, redeye fuckin sucked!!
by Mad Maximus March 13, 2006
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