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United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor. Smoky Bear. DI only to a very gustsy/ stupid recruit, or one that has already earned the Title. Any disgusting civilians worst nightmare. Arrive at either MCRD and you will think that they were trained by Satan himself. They are the most motivated and most degrading person you will ever meet. For three months of your life they are the last person in the world you want to meet. You would rather piss your own pants than request a head call.
When you finish the twelve weeks of Hell and he hands you the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. He goes from being your worst nightmare to being the first one you would want at your side in a tight spot.
My Drill Instructor was the meanest motherfucker on the Island, but after he handed me my EGA, he shook my hand and called me Brother.
by DevilDogPOG October 25, 2011
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Drill Instructor- The meanest sumbitcth you will ever meet. Only one branch in the US Armed Forces uses the term Drill Instructor and that is the Marine Corps they are your motivator and will do what ever the hell it takes to break you down and turn you into a lean mean killing machine. Never call a Drill Instructor "Drill Sergeant" or you will be signing your death warrant. They may be mean but apparently there the nicest guys after graduation. I wouldn't know since I am only a simple poolee who has actually reached PFC but hasn't gone to boot camp. Also kown as DI's and R. Lee Ermey.
That Drill Instructor made that one Recruit shit himself by doing PT because he wore his cover indoors.

This prison in Colorado offers teen offenders a second chance before big boy jail by indoctrinating them in a week long boot camp in which prison guards act like the Drill Instructors and change these wannabe thugs too fine young adults.
by RealDealMarinePoole January 27, 2011
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