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Sillier spelling of crappy. Guaranteed to draw at least one snicker out of a crowd, the same way the word poop always seems to.
The mall's all boarded up now, that's crappie.
by Babbo August 4, 2008
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1. n. A loaf of crusty French bread crammed up her stinky sex hole to clean it out.

1. n. A French delicacy of toasted French bread topped with foul cottage-cheese like vaginal discharge.
'Tseh douchBaguette est very delicioux today, non? AUHAUHAU, I need a cigarette, stupid Americans.
by Babbo July 11, 2008
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A gamer that promiscuously courts more than one game/system; EG PS3 & XBOX, WoW & CS, Second Life & Everquest, or maybe all of the above.
S3ph1r0th: dude you won't believe us, Leeroy told us he's playing almost as much CS as WC now
NikoFromSerbia: what a cheating faggot polygamer dude
by Babbo July 25, 2008
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When your day is suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by poop. Your busy, and just a minute ago you were fine, but suddenly you've got a slippery bowling ball in your ass that is just about to punch its way out and all you can do is drop whatever you were doing and dash (hilarously) to the can.
Gilbert: Rodney, I didn't know you'd be here, how you been man?
Rodney: Hold that thought, Rodney needs to take a #2 time out.
by Babbo July 30, 2008
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A sausage fest. A gathering with too many men and no women.
Overzealous Hipster 1: Great block party, eh? Cold beers, burgers on the grill, Buffet bumpin in the background...
Overzealous Hipster 2: Yeah bro, but where did the chicks fly off to? This patio just became extreme Johnsonville.
by Babbo June 19, 2008
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1. n. Inevitable swelling of the posterior resulting from eating 3 enormous meals a day at Google's Mointain View, CA cafeteria.

2. n. The giant hocks you get from sitting around Googling porn all day without an ounce of exercise.
Diner 1: Dude, is that Sharon from Business Development? Check out that googlebutt!!
Diner 2: Yea man, she was a hotty when she got here but all those chicken wraps went straight to her ass.
by Babbo June 19, 2008
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