means you are extremely obsessed with the person
2 fingers up
by shjdhshsjs June 23, 2022
“yo did you see how ____ put his 2 fingers up 😍😍😍
by Nfurieje balls March 17, 2022
2 fingers up to show your only obsessed w him
by fortiktok October 15, 2022
"Yo, he put 2 fingers up!"
"He's a homo!!!"
by killjohnlennon April 7, 2022
if everyone worships the ground you walk on.
‘2 fingers up’
by shwna April 12, 2022
2 fingers up means you think i’m leng and you’re in love with me
did you see them hold 2 fingers up to us
by fysgisjakaklsl April 9, 2022