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Armour Piercing. A steel, needle like bullet often cased in rubber, lead or plastic. The high velocity projectile can penetrate steel, and pierce bulletproof jackets. AP may also refer to other bullets that can pierce armor, such as .223s or 5.7x28mm rounds.
"Yo vest might stop a nine but they wont stop mine, A-P, and next you know youse lying down dead."
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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a cigarette or joint is placed in the mouth, or between the teeth, and smoke is inhaled until the joint or cigarette burns as far as possible, often burning the lips of the person attempting to "get kills" on a cigarette or joint. Kills on a cigarette are often offered to a cheap friend who would like to jew your joint.
"Yo nigga, gimme kills on that joint"
"Fuck man, I burnt ma lips getting kills on that cig"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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A marijuanna cigarette is placed between the teeth so that the lit end is in the mouth. Smoke is then blown through the joint into the face or open mouth of another user.
Yo nigga, gimme a super"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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Automatic Colt Pistol.
Often used to refer to the .45ACP, designed by John Moses Browning.
ACP aslo refers to .25ACP, .32ACP, and .380AUTO.
"All I gots is misdemeenas an sum ACPs"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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Avtomat Kalashnikov.
An automatic rifle created by Mikhail Kalashnikov, originally implemented and designated AK-47, the rifle design was closely based on the Nazi Strumgewhr-44 (STG-44) (English: Assult Rifle, 1944). Originally chambered in 7.62x39 Soviet, the caliber was changed in 1974 to a smaller, higher velocity caliber because the Russian military felt that it would be better suited against the .223 Caliber used by the United States. AK is also often used to refer to an assult rifle, and often mistake with Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 rifles by stupid cops. The rifle often sports a long, banana clip, but can also accomodate small magazines or drum magazines.
"Make way for tha led spray of my A-K or this will be your last day"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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Assult Rifle.
Commonly used to refer to the Armalite AR-15, which was later developed into the M-16. Chambered in .223 caliber, the rifle proves to be effective though somewhat ineffective. Today, a variety of manufacturers produce ARs in a variety of calibers.
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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.22 caliber.
A small rimfire cartridge, used for target shooting.
Three variations of .22 caliber exist: .22k (short), .22lr (long rifle), and .22WinMag (Winchester Magnum).
Sometimes used incorrectly to refer to a derringer, which is often chambered in a larger caliber.
"He didnt think I was packing, so I busted out my 2-2 and copped me a 187"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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