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If someone is born on this day they are sweet sensitive if you upset them they will beat your ass and love to cuddle has so much love they don't know what to do with it they are happy sad excited and nervous all at the same time always they love animals and they love you more than you know
Were you born on June 27?
Thats why you are so nice
by HailRussia November 01, 2019

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Hitlers Nazi homo buddies
Hitler is Stalin's bitch
by HailRussia November 11, 2019

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=22 you dumb fuk
by HailRussia November 08, 2019

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your soul is DED
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by HailRussia November 25, 2019

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The place with the shitist schools ever and wanna be hood kids that dont know the what 2+2 is
Yorkville il
by HailRussia November 07, 2019

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She is sweet but sad she lies to everyone to protect herself The 'blonde' sometime seeps into her brain but she is smart she acts like nothing phases her but it all effects her a lot don't mess with her she will beat you into the ground she will always forgive you no matter what you do to her she loves her friends and family and will defend them she is independent she is someone to have a great time she will fake being healthy to have fun she cares about school/work more than she will show she loves animals
person 1 did you hear Elizabeth beat up john
Pearson 2 Why???
Person 1 I don't know
Elizabeth I wanted to he annoyed me
by HailRussia September 28, 2019

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A tiny trap with a Karen haircut A total ass
lord farquaad is such a Karen
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by HailRussia September 28, 2019

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