A common phrase for a blowjob. B being the 2nd letter of the alphabet and J being the 10th.
Hey baby, how bout a 2 and 10!
by yomamamofo November 9, 2009
blue balls (i.e. the two blue balls in billiards)
I thought I was gonna stab but she sent me home with the 2 & the 10.
by dipper5150 May 5, 2009
Noun - An ugly girl who gets better looking the more you drink.
See - Beer Goggles
See - Butterface
See - Local 12 Step Rejects
she was a 2 at 10(pm) but at "10" at 2(am)
by se7en 154 May 9, 2003
2 for 10s
Means how it is.
(Stretching) 2 for ten
Anything coming in two's sold for ten
Thats Grind Talk.
2 for 10s
Am On Tha Block Shit Stretch Them Two
For Ten
- Yung O7
by Kaykno June 19, 2021
The beauty rating of your date or partner during a night of a partying. She/he is quite ugly normally, but attractive and hot after a night of drinking. (Source is from a good country song).
"After about three drinks at the party, I came to the conclusion that she was a 2 at 10, and 10 at 2."
by yes juanito yes May 20, 2014
a ruit team name for the beer game that uses 10 cups. This team name alludes to the popular 2 girls 1 cup motto of cupchicks.com
Girl #1: We need a team name for the ruit tourney this weekend!
Girl #2: I was one this awesome website last night and i came up with the best idea!
Girl #1: OMG OMG, what is it???
Girl #2: 2 Girls 10 Cups
by deeezalll January 28, 2009
2/10 : used by those who smoke n turn the pipe left to rite??
What’s up yo let’s go n do 2/10
by k187c August 16, 2019