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number that has become widely known to emo kids to have much to do with love. Originated in the 1995 movie "Empire Records" where one character must tell the other he has feelings for her at exactly 1:37PM
A.J.: "By 12...12 or 1"
A.J.: "By 1:37 Exactly Joe"
Joe: "well good Luck"

(beep, beep, beep)oh, its 137
"I love you {insert significant other's name here}
by Mouse December 29, 2003
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1) One more than 136.
2) ROUNDED OFF inverse of the fine structure constant (0.007297351 +/- 0.000000006), which is a product of two physical constants and measures the strength with which subatomic particles interact with one another and with light. Appreciated by physicists but not physicians.
The room number for the lounge in the Physics department is 137, in honor of the fine structure constant.
by AbnormalBoy April 19, 2004
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Can be correlated to 1337, which represents leet which derived from elite (a known hacker term).

1:37pm in standard time is also 13:37 in military time.
It's 1:37pm, the time when elites do their best at what they do best. 137 is the number of the pros.

Joe: It's 1:37pm, now it's time to start spittin' game.
Frank: Good luck buddy, it's as good a time as ever.
by billyjoefrankgeorgesexybeast August 23, 2010
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a.k.a. 1/137
The fine structure constant, achieved by multiplying various physical constants. A puzzle and mystery to physicians.
no one can explain 137
by Milo March 21, 2004
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used in reference to the movie Empire Records where AJ is to tell Corey he loves her at 1:37pm
Expressed in military time this translates to 1337 which is leetspeak for, um, leet.
what is really funny here is Lucas's response (a character who wears all black, and is still playing an original Gameboy in 1995)
A.J.: Well, that's good, because I have to tell Corey I love her by 1:37 (137)
Lucas: That's an excellent time.
by duster68 April 24, 2006
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Similar to 1337, 137 is one degree below the pure awesomeness of 1337.

In typage, 137 can also be used instead of "let".
137 at Halo, 1337 at Halo 2.

137 Wilbur go free. Now.
by ElementNineteen January 06, 2007
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Elite --> LeeT --> 1337 --> 137
"CLaN RoNiN SqUaD iS HeLLaZ 137!"
by CoNViCTeD September 11, 2003
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