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A stupid tv show that gets rep just because peeps wanna see Simon Cowell be mean to the people that are trying to become an American Idol. The people just try out for because they work in barber shop and have sucky lives. Well poor you i guess you shoulda went to colege. And a niger called Randey one of the juges acts like a complete idiot when he trys to be cool when he says "Dog". Man can you say anything else. Will it ever stop American thats my concern. But i hope it will. Paula sometimes kiss's Simon and its so gay she trys to act all cool when she does it.
"it sucks llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
by Mouse April 13, 2005
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A human devoid of movement or communication. see: terri schiavo
so this guy flipped his truck over by driving like a dumbshit. long story short he's schiavoed, gonna be a meat statue for awhile.
by Mouse May 14, 2005
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Nga is a very popular vietnamese name. But it sounds like complete nonsense to someone who does not have a vietnamese accent. Many girls named Nga are quite beautiful but be weary, ask how she pronounces it or she might become offended and curse you in vietnamese.
Nga is a very nice girl. Nga is a complete twat. Nga is very aggressive.
by Mouse March 18, 2005
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the phrase "lan" is derived from the abbreviation Local access network, pronounced phonetically.

Having hosted a few myself, I know there usually isnt gay orgy/porn transfer involved...

"lan party" as defined by thinkgeek.com:
A New Social Ritual Amongst The Elite

If you've never been to a LAN Party, you haven't lived properly (or you suck at gaming). If you suck at gaming, dont despair, you can still go to a LAN party, jack in, and just sniff packets and write code and still have some fun. Or you can be the sysadmin and setup the networking or you can just handle the food and beverages (get me my Bawls!)

Ah, sweet LAN parties...The stimulating scent of caffeine, the verbal jousting, the smell of pepperoni lingering in the air, the floor a tangled infestation of cat5, the neon lights of case mods poking through the scene like lasers in fog. Nothing quite like it. And when the gaming starts, everybody becomes so intense. One frag leads to the next, emotions wax and wane as gibs amass and levels change, here an unnamed player, there an elite commando with uncanny aim. Over time, the LAN party itself, a single organism, breathing, hunting....

Or something like that.
Gamer 1: Hey man are you going to Sean's for that new-year's LAN party?
Gamer 2: Nah, I'm too much of a rookie, you guys would own the hell out of me :(
by Mouse November 2, 2004
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A very disturbed and unique state of mind usualy resulting from severe insanity or isolation.
See caffeine, insomnia, squeak (toy), fire, shiney, and sodomy.
He was crazier then mouse.
by Mouse March 23, 2003
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Mouse was so mad he murdalized Ruwe by ripping out his lungs
by Mouse February 18, 2003
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a media work, written or recorded, that depicts sex and gore in such nasueating levels that only a necrophiliac would enjoy it. hence, murderporn.
I saw sin city last night, it was murder porn.
by Mouse May 8, 2005
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