A retard.

Comes from the phonetic pronunciation of "Libre" (leeb-ray), which itself is from the project LibreScore (or LibreTard), who's Discord server is filled to the brim with retards who can't read simple instructions.
*Announcement*: If you're getting error code 123, you need to update your program from this link: <link>
LibreScore potential user in #support-channel: HELP!!!1 why am i getting error 123 ...
LibreScore mod: Did you read the announcement in the error message? You gotta update your program
LibreScore potential user: where do i update
LibreScore mod: In the link in the announcement
LibreScore potential user: um ok i did it, now what
LibreScore mod: You're done...

LibreScore mod in private chat with buddies: dude look at this leeb <sends screenshot>
by Blind Boi March 12, 2022
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Phoenetic description of L338, which is L337+1, also known as Leet+1. When one is Leeb, they are just too Leet to be described in conventional terms, thus, a new category of Leetness must be invented. Leeb people are as Leet as everyone else, but have that small extra something about them which makes them Leeb.
Stacy: OMG!! 8 headshots, I R TEH L337!!!!
Dick: I h3adsh0tted 9er peepz, 5tanding on my h3ad! WooTNESS!
Stacy: D1ck IZ TEH LEEB!!!!!!
by Paulerwog July 24, 2006
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*very important word to add to your vocabulary*
(n) noun; Describing a person we all know who has the most lame, false sense of humor imaginable. A key trait of a Leeb is they insert themselves with too much enthusiasm and feel as if their strange way of speaking deserves a laugh or positive attention. They use common phrases and steal each one to add to their vocabulary.

Common terms may be: “kill it with fire” “hella” “big facts baby” “reeeeeeeeeeeee” “feels bad” “vibin”
“Lol I hate working at jacks, no one matches my vibes there, feels bad
“James you’re such a Leeb, please don’t talk to me ever again”
by Big Sawse October 23, 2020
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- A person with name of Libby, Elizabeth, or Lib that can have a nickname as Leeb or Leebs


- To leave or part ways
"Hey Leeb!"

(Instead of saying to get the f*** out) One can say, "It's time for you to Leeb!"
by libxo_ June 16, 2020
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Surname of Bill Leeb. Front man for the bands Front Line Assembly and Delerium.

An electronic legend.
by Ferret November 1, 2004
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It's a way of pronouncing 1338. "1338" is a notch above "word1337/word".
I'm more leeb then you.
by steffinb January 27, 2003
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A screw-up. Leeb is a typo of leet, or 1337, spelled as 1338. Generally, it's made by someone who tries to be 1337 but in their declaration of all that is awesome about themselves involves many an uncorrected typo.
"haha duder u cnt tuch me im 2 1338"
by Neeeeecole June 25, 2005
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