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"120" is computer hacker speak for the common chatroom term "LOL!" which often stands for "Laughing Out Loud!"

We examine the "LOL" and the "!" separately:

In the 'hacker language' known as 1337, the letters "LOL" are translated as "101"
This is because Ls resemble ones and Os resemble zeros.

The number "101" is the binary equivalent of the decimal number "5"
This is because 1(x1) + 0(x2) + 1(x4) = 5

If you take this 5 and follow it by "!" (as in the original term LOL!) that gives you 5!

5! is the mathematical representation for "5 factorial," the calculated value of which is 120

Therefore, LOL! = 101! = 5! = 120
In a chatroom...

AverageJoe: "The explanation for why 120 means LOL! makes my brain hurt LOL!"
HackerJoe: "Not mine 120"
by Adameniscus March 25, 2006
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120 is an elite, nerdy way of saying "LOL!" See 5.

LOL means "Laughing out loud" and is a common acronym used in chatting everywhere.

LOL (or lol), written in 1337 is 101.
101 in binary is equal to 5 in decimal.
The factorial of five (5!) is 120.

So, the factorial of LOL (5) is 120. LOL! = 120
You have a 56k dial-up modem? Hahaha! 120
by no_one_2000 August 09, 2004
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As explained and summarily down-thumbed in the entry for 120 (don't you love the editorial power of inifinite monkeys?), "120" is a numerical acronym symbolizing religion, with specific reference to peace of mind acquired through respect of a diety but conspicuously without awknowledgement of any particular sect.

120's, therefore, are any quantity of religious nouns, and are highly contextual. The term is commonly used to reference religious lessons, religions texts and spiritual moments. Furthermore, among faiths which engage in ritualistic cannibus consumption as a means of altering perception, 120's may refer to marijuana cigarettes.

It has nothing to do with guns.
From a sketch on disc 2 of "Wu-Tang Forever:"

"Yo, I'm studying 120's right now. Call me back at the god hour."

by dasmb April 03, 2006
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Can be used in any positive way. If something is 120 it is the greatest thing ever. If someone is 120 they are better than the best. If you did something 120 then you couldn't have done it better. It can be used as encouragement; if someone is doubting themselves you can say hey 120, you got this. Basically it is a noun verb adjective adverb and anything else meaning the best.
I can't believe you just climbed mount Everest without any help. Thats so 120.

Jessica said the funniest thing the other day. She is 120.
Sam: "Ugh I can't run another mile." Me: "Yes you can dude, 120!"
by goose8 November 13, 2014
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1. A time period in which someone is placed in segregation for a long amount of time. (DSU, The Hole). Usually for a major offense. It equates to 4 months.

Other common sentences are 90 & 180 (which is usually followed with a stint in IMU)
I had my hearing today and got a 120 for that fight I had last week in the chow hall.
by NotYourAvgWhiteGirl March 15, 2009
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-To have your beaver, muff, pubes, bear removed, waxed or shaved. In reference to George Bush's last day in office.

-1-20, the day we got rid of the fucking Bush.
-Hello, can I have a 1-20 please? A happy trail is fine, actually.

-Eww he totally needs a 1-20, look at all that shit coming out on the sides of his underwear... ewww
by PorkStar February 18, 2009
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