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Out of the closet pooper. This individual has no inhibitions whatsoever about defecating in public restrooms. Newspapers or other reading literature are commonly taken into the restroom. Whistling/talking and/or making other comfortable sounds immediately before, during, or immediately after leaving the restroom are common.
"I went to the restroom, and Pete started to talk to me while he was in the stall taking a shit! Damn, he's such an OCP!"
by roovy May 20, 2009
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(Omni Consumer Products)

It's the corrupt mega corporation in Detroit that built RoboCop.
You cocksucker! I work for Dick Jones! Dick Jones! He's the Number Two Guy at OCP. OCP runs the cops.
by romeo_f April 01, 2011
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Oral creampie, When the male ejaculates in the females mouth while she is giving head, usually occurs quick and swift with a loud yell from the male.
Shelley gave an ocp to tim and jeff, tim and jeff both giving out load yells as they finish.
by guidojmar June 11, 2010
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Means "Out of Control Punjabis", a gang of extremely large men from west Pakistan. They are active in Houston, TX. They basically eat spicy food, impregnate every female in sight, and have massive fights with themselves every time they meet. Oh and they jump up and down to bhangra music.
We were chilling at a melaa till the OCP came in and took over...
by speakstofish January 26, 2004
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