The word said by Chen in EXO-M's song "What is Love" he was really supposed to say girl, like D.O did. But, instead it came out as "gull"
"Gull... I can't explain what I feel"
by sakiichan March 5, 2013
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1. an expression meant to invite approval, overexcitement and comedic merit in the "masculine tense"

2. see also "yull" in the "feminine tense"
"This meerkat seems to be in trouble. Let me take out my magnifier. GULLLLLLL!"

"I'm a little kid gull."
by gullguy August 14, 2012
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as you're walking by a hottie after first period, you turn to your friends and proclaim, "GULL!"

yea i think i might go out with her, she's gull right?

"are you going to the spot 2mr morning?"
by corey baum November 20, 2006
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verb: to talk or trick someone into doing something foolish or rash.

Related to "gullible".
We gulled Jackie into lending us her dad's car "for an hour" -- now we have a ride for the weekend, dude!
by Jasper Ferg March 5, 2011
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One who, uninvited, picks at morsels of food from the plates of others dining with him or near him
"The Gull always takes my fries. Buy your own fries, Gull"

"Brendan, you gull"
by Zidane153 November 30, 2006
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guts, honor, strength, integrity, power.
That soldier has a lot of gull for running into the room and single handedly killing the entire enemy squad by himself.
by J.Sparkx August 30, 2008
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Dome or the act of giving dome
That was some dope gull
Gull me now bitch
I gull everything around me
by Jon Tom February 18, 2008
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