The most re-watchable show on netflix, which they still need to add season 6 too
Superstore is a good show on netflix
by tater tot November 14, 2021
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Where the retarded kids go to get Mac and cheese.
Retard; I am going to superstore
Retard; we are in the car going to superstore
Retard; we are in superstore

by cuntymccuntbag July 23, 2018
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The shittiest store to ever work in, all they have are stoners and coke addicts working there. No cameras so it's real easy to steal shit from there. They enforce no work ethic, and don't give training to new workers. Probably the least organized company ever.
Guy I actually got fired from Superstore.
by iamsex September 9, 2006
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a place we’re they make shitty bikes
Can I burn all of Smyths Toys Superstores bikes
by SpartanSpud June 9, 2020
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