When someone is acting extremely sus. Especially when referring to cheating, soft begging, emotional manipulation, and an overall lack of empathy.
"Bro, please stop casting."
"I can't stand Brittany, she's such a caster."
by LilacLilyUWU September 11, 2023
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The verb of posting a social cast.

Similar to Tweeting
Can everyone please stop casting about mobile coverage.
by blairm12 September 22, 2010
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The act of filling a bathtub with cum and having somebody submerge themselves in it until it hardens.
I was casting Jimmy last night! It was like a scene out of Star Wars!
by Schlork December 10, 2019
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My mom casted me to my dad bruv

I’ll have to cast you man
by Mandem energy October 18, 2019
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Not a word. The correct word is "cast".
"As a young wizard, I frequently casted my spells onto unsuspecting Muggles."

"It's cast, not casted."
by Jameson R. Cui November 1, 2010
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A cum sock that has dried out and hardened like a a cast.
Dude is that a cast on your floor?
by D_COPE April 22, 2010
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An centuries-old but effective economic/cultural system of control in which a person who is born in a certain class is forced to live out his/her entire life in that class. Still being used by India.

What the modern Capitalism-based American economic system really is, since the citizens of the Middle, Lower, and Poverty classes are forced to spend their entire lives working for less and less money, while being tricked by the Upper and Wealthy classes into believing that their dreams will come true if they work hard enough.
In India, the Untouchables are the lowest of its traditional caste system.
by sarcastic March 29, 2004
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