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1-10: Female Attractiveness Scale: A scale, used by men and lesbians, that assigns a number from 1 to 10, representing the "fuckability" of a female. This scale defines lowest numbers (1-2) as extremely undesirable (may require head bags) and defines the highest numbers (9-10) as extremely desirable (you will drool and cum in your pants before touching, maybe even before talking, to said female). The middle range of numbers (3-8) is defined as average desirability. It is within this range that most females will fall. This is the range where your chances for satisfaction (i.e. hot, wet pussy) are the best! Most men rate females a little too high on the scale when boasting prowess and a little too low when his advances are met with rejection.
1-10: Female Attractiveness Scale: Man #1: Too bad Julie is so fugly, she sounded nice over the phone.
Man #2: Was she really that bad?
Man#1: Yeah, like a total 2 , on a scale from 1-10 - I would have to bribe the dog with peanut butter to get him to touch that ugly birch!)
by Wtfjimmi?333 August 26, 2016
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