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This is the definitive scale for female attractiveness formulated by a small sample of 4 guys and 1 girl
1-10 Female attractiveness scale

10-Supermodel, Ridiculously hot

9- Hottest girl in her High School/College

8-Hot enough to brag about/ could 1 day model

7- A hot girlfriend

6- GF material. You would date her

5- Screw-able/ you would sleep with her if there was no commitment

4- Nice face and one significant body part

3- Has 1 Significantly attractive body part

2- Would get head from her without looking at her

1- Either retarded or ridiculous in the worst way
by Kaokashin December 08, 2011
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Essentially, the scales goes like this:
1- unfuckable and ugly as shit
2- rarely anybody would fuck
3- good personality, nothing else
4- lower end of average attractiveness
5- middle end of average attractiveness
6- higher end of average attractiveness
7- above average, decently hot
8- pretty good looking
9- *almost* everyone would bang
10- essentially so hot, she's a goddess
What I had just described is a general populous of the scale, but usually is tweaked due to personal preference. A 1 for some people might be a 10 for others.
Person 1: did you see her? What a ten!
Person 2: the 1-10 female attractiveness scale? I'm totally not familar with that concept.
by Venobi August 30, 2016
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The scale is used to rate females on how attractive they are. A "1" would be someone similar to a wrinkley old grandma (unless you're into that kind of stuff). I have yet to see a "10" as they are so rare.
Home boii 1: Yo' man my girl is a solid 10 (on the 1-10 Female attractiveness scale)
Home boii 2: Damn! How much did you pay her to stay with your sorry ass?
Home boii 1: Bruh
by I'm Kiki August 31, 2016
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A scale that measures a women's attractiveness.

1- she... It.

2- women that has severe ugliness on most of her body. (Sometimes occurres in plastic surgery mess ups.

3- that girl at your old school or now school that nobody except other ugly people were friends with.

4- a girl a little below average, a little ugly and nothing fancy

5 - average girl with nothing fancy, but not ugly (the median)

6 - plane jane with some interesting features and a little bit of style (good option if you're an average not attractive)

7 - attractive girl with nice body, but doesn't look like a model (advanced girlfriend material, higher cost/quality)

8 - hot semi-popular girl that looks like a model, has a sense of style but lacks class (strong sense of entitlement begins here)

9 - super hot popular girl, the hottest cheerleader in high school, queen of the prom night, has class, decency and resourceful men at her disposal (extremely privileged, strong bitch shield, dates only celebrities)

10 - same as 9, but in her prime

So let's be honest. The only meaningful way for you to get a 9 or a 10 in your bed without dragging her is to become at least a local celebrity, and that includes looks, money, status and game. In most cases 7s are already good enough for one night stands and long term relationships, and 8s will require certain know-hows from you. Yep, they're missing that spark and the element of divinity in their appearance, but are those 10-20% extra worth of 500% more effort?
Dude I just hit it off with a girl with a 6 on the 1-10 female attractiveness scale
by Mewmewwillkillu August 31, 2016
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The 1-10 Female Attractiveness Scale, or FAS for short, is a scale established by men to determine a woman's physical appearance. 1 represents a nasty ass hoe, or a woman who just has a straight up ass face. 10 on the other hand means a woman who is literally to die for. She is physically appearing in every way possible, and totally bangable.
Brittany: On a scale from one to ten how do I look Drew?

Drew: Well if I'm using the FAS system, or 1-10 Female attractiveness scale, I'd have to say you're a solid 1.
by DATSPICYBOI October 02, 2016
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A very subjective and variable scoring system for how horny guys get. Can depend on the partner's physical good looks, but is more often related to sexy circumstances and timing.
100 percent of guys approve of the 1-10 Female attractiveness scale. Sometimes it's 2 at 10, and 10 at 2.
by yes juanito yes August 26, 2016
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Rating a female 1-10 based on her looks, 10 being the highest.
Damn Steve did you see that sexy girl? She was at least a 9. Regarding the 1-10 Female attractiveness scale.
by ImZeedo September 23, 2016
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