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A term used by commissioned salespeople to describe the act of stealing a customer from another salesperson. Swooping is a thing that often happens by accident. When salespeople swoop on purpose, it makes them into a swooper, and swoopers are dicks.
-Dave: "Weren't you showing that customer those camera lenses?"
-Sarah: "Yeah, but I went to go check the backstock and Nick swooped me."

-Dave: "I hate Nick. He is always swooping my deals!"
Sarah: "Yeah, what a dick."
by Mr Cnowledge February 15, 2015
A drink popular in Portland, OR. It is made from Sunny Delight and Everclear. It is also known as a getto screwdriver.
I know dude, I had like eight colwyns!
by Mr Cnowledge August 9, 2011
The scale on which you rate a woman, based entirely on attractiveness.

1: 1s do not exist. A 1 is a person so vile that their very presence is sickening. They must be entirely physically unappealing, smell awful, and their personality makes them totally unbearable.

2: A 1 that either doesn't smell awful or is only mildly unbearable to be around.

3: Somebody who is physically unappealing but has other characteristics which make them desireable.
4: A 5 with no confidence
5: Average. It's OK to be a 5. People are imperfect.
6: A 5 with a great personality.
7: What's known as a "specific 10." Meaning that while she is generally very attractive, she has one feature that appeals to a guy with VERY specific preferences. It could be small boobs with tiny nipples. It could be he has a thing for gingers. It could be he is only attracted to short women. Every 7 is a 10 for somebody.
8: Could be a 9 if she put a little more effort in.
9: A 9 is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. She is a 9. She is not a 10, she is a 9.

10. 10s do not exist. A 10 is a 9 on all other accounts, but with the "x factor" quality of a 7 that makes her irresistible. A 10 is unfathomable. You tell stories about having seen one, and your bros don't believe you, and tell you that surely it was a 9. When you see a 10 you never forget.

Keep in mind that the 1-10 Female Attractiveness Scale is a bell curve. 4s, 5s, and 6s are the most common. 1s and 10s practically do not exist.
Holy shit, bro! I saw a woman who I would rank a 10 on the 1-10 female attractiveness scale
by Mr Cnowledge September 5, 2016
1. A name given to a student by a teacher, in relation to his sneakyness and/or laziness.
2. A nickname for somebody named Finnian
3. A computer/phone hacker
1. You is a slacker, Mr. Finnster.
2. Hay Finnis J. Finnster, what's up
3. That guy beigeboxed me last night! What a finnster!
by Mr Cnowledge June 13, 2009
Schmerz is the most dangerous alcoholic punch known to man. It is both delicious and dangerous. The word Schmerz means "Pain" in German, and accordingly, schmerz may leave its drinker feeling many regrets for the decisions previously made.

Schmerz is made by mixing the following
2 liters of Sunny D
2 liters of fruit punch

6 cans of red bull
one bottle of Cook's champagne

750 ml of Everclear
I don't remember last night at all. I drank like three cups of the schmerz and blacked out.
by Mr Cnowledge August 17, 2015
A sex move in which one partner violently kicks or punches the other in their genitals, then pretends it was an accident. Named after the NBA player Draymond Green due to his tendency to strike opposing players in their genitals and pretend that it was an accident.
"Yesterday I caught Ben looking at another girl's boobs so I gave him a Draymond Green when we were having sex last night. He totally deserved it."
by Mr Cnowledge June 25, 2016
To convince somebody to reneg on a promise that they made, in similar nature to the way the character Fanny Dashwood convinced her husband John to renege on his deathbed promise to his father that he would take care of his half-sisters and their mother in the Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility.
When Mary convinced her boyfriend, Dave, that he couldn't fulfill his promise to attend his friend Nick's bachelor party, she fanny dashed nick.
by Mr Cnowledge August 17, 2015