A measure of how much you would have sex with a person. Often ranging on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest).
Dude, checkout that girl.
Meh, she's not that hot. I'd say... fuckability of about 5.
by sublimal June 26, 2004
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Used to describe one's level of hot, sexy, luscious sultry assed smoken sweetness.
Shit man, check out that sexy piece of ass... she's rockin the Richter scale with that break the meat out fuckability factor!
by vulvatronic September 15, 2010
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to have the ability to be viewed and craved. to make one cream in their pants at the instance of initial viewing. to have that flare that just makes one wanna jump ones bones.
"excuse me sir, but youve got a great fuckability about you."
by mandakins April 26, 2005
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An informal slang word for the "Age of consent".
The fuckability in Germany is 16 years.
by borisbaran July 31, 2007
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the state of not being impotent
thanks to the little blue pill, my fuckability level has risen
by 3454366 December 4, 2003
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If you know that “to fuck” a person is to have sex with him/her, you automatically understand that a fuckable person is one that you would like to fuck. Accordingly is an unfuckable person a person that you don't want to fuck at all. A refuckable person is a person you would like to fuck again, while an unrefuckable person is one that you don't want to fuck again. You know the meaning of all these words by virtue of your knowledge of the individual morphemes fuck, re-, -able and un- and the rules for their combination.
Look at her, so god damn fuckable!
by MessyLiter November 17, 2010
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Combination of 'to fuck' and 'probably'. Used to describe a person we not necessarily like but would probably fuck.

Don't confuse with Fuckably Hot
- Do you like him?
- Fuckably.
by dumb_dj February 23, 2011
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