(Comp. Sci)
A sequential method of organization that consists of one or more bits. Most generally referred to as 8 bits but not limited to such standard.

(mis) bite
by Rr November 8, 2002
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Byte is a short-form video hosting service where users post 6-second looping videos. It was created by a development team led by Dom Hofmann as a successor to a now-defunct service that he co-founded, named Vine.
Me: Dude, don't use TikTok, Use Byte!
by FireyJS February 18, 2020
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Another way of saying cool, dope or bomb
"Is that a chimichanga?"

"Yea it's so byte"
by Reelley September 14, 2019
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A moody 32 year old coder that spends his life contemplating why he left his job at apple to develop two Minecraft servers and bitch at excessive amounts of teenagers.
Jasper: Byte is being a bitch rn
*Console ipbanned Jasper 3012 for Fucking kill yourself*
H1ppietank: LMAO
by Ewan "I like men" Powell May 14, 2017
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"let's switch to byte bc tiktok might be shutting down."
by iwish2dboyswerereal July 12, 2020
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A computer geek whose programming skills are far beyond ordinary; almost magical in a way.
Person 1: I have a virus on my computer that I can't get to go away.

Person 2: I'd take it to Dwight. He's a byte shaman when it comes to viruses.
by hurdlemaster13 January 28, 2010
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