A homosexual male or female who is particularly successful in bringing heterosexuals over to the dark side, i.e. converting them to homosexuality.
"My friends in college used to call me 'The Converter' because I fucked so many straight dudes. Now I have low self-esteem."
by Bea Arthur's Outfits January 19, 2012
A sports car that has a mechanical (older convertibles had to have the top removed manually) folding soft or hardtop instead of a fixed roof. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT only chick cars and are NOT cars for just old or gay guys. If you go to some car shows, you will see some convertibles that have been turned from cruisers into full blown beasts.
Tommy: Dude you got a convertible?
Freddy: Yea so?
Tommy: You're so gay!
Freddy: If I'm so gay, why is your girl riding shotgun with me?
Tommy: Gah!
Freddy: Oh and for the record, I hear you talking shit about my ride, saying how your coupe can beat it. Well guess what, my convertible is pushing out 800hp so do you still wanna talk shit or do you wanna race?
Tommy: No dude it's ok...boy I was wrong about you convertible guys. I'm sorry man. But hey can I have my girl back?
Freddy: No! Fuck off!
by eghegjsefsd November 3, 2006
An apartment to which an extra "bedroom" has been added through the subdivision of a bedroom or living room with a makeshift wall. This usually results in a tiny, rat-maze-like room with no doors, windows, or closets, and no sound insulation. Not recommended for adults. A common occurrence in New York City, this procedure is used especially for turning overpriced, small one-bedroom apartments into overpriced, even smaller two-bedroom apartments. Usage is not standard, and some differentiate between "converted" apartments in which the subdividing wall(s) have already been added, and "convertible" apartments which have not yet been subdivided. Transparently and insultingly exploiting this confusion, unscrupulous (read: all) rental apartment brokers almost always classify any overpriced one-bedroom apartment as a "convertible" two-bedroom.

Renters of convertible apartments are in common parlance called "suckers," and the act of renting itself is called a "mistake."
"You son of a b****, you advertised this as a 2BR and I came all the way to the f***ing West Side to find a studio with a bead curtain."
by Chipper Manhattanite July 6, 2004
A Convertible is a car which has no roof (Sort of). The roof is usual made of some sort of material which can be used or hidden. Found generally on sports cars.
Guy: Hey theres a convertible! It has no roof!
Girl: Yeah maybe u should buy me one cause I like the wind flowing through my hair!
by Slicer June 30, 2005
A car with the top cut off. The perfect car. A fun car for speeding or cruising around with your friends.

Best car to have in the summer.
Amy's boyfriend bought her a new convertible. Everyone loves it and she gets loads of compliments and looks when she goes out.
by 484839e May 4, 2010
1-When the weather blesses you with the ability to drop the top on any convertible.
2-when a person has on two outfits at once and can transform and convert to different climates, ex Alaska in January to Miami in January...
(ex1)Bro 1-Dave flew in from Knome this morning and we picked on him because he didnt bring shorts.
Bro 2- Yeah what a bum convertability is sooo important.

(ex2) Wow it went from eighty with sunshine to sixty with rain, its a good thing we have convertability, i feel sorry for those bikers lol.
by The Great Dunnski March 30, 2010