A British examination board which tests school pupils across the country primarily in GCSE and A-Level exams. It is ran by Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and so many pompous private schools choose to use this exam board because they wrongly believe it will help them get into better universities. OCR is in fact one of three main exam boards who do not care who you are as a person, but take a sadistic pleasure in forcing you to recall shit heaps of information that you've been stressfully trying to memorise for months on end in exams that last between 1 hour and 2.5 hours, which ultimately decides your entire future.
I'm on OCR for my Psychology exam, so they'll undoubtably change the mark scheme again just to fuck with my already frazzled and exhausted mind.
by exammr January 5, 2015
Optical Character Recognition. Used in computing terminology.
Actually, is a computer software designed to translate images of typewritten text into machine-editable text
-I don't have type to retype and correct this document.
-No problem. I've OCR installed on my computer.
by alexcy May 15, 2007
A bunch of sadistic fucks that take pleasure in mentally torturing you by creating exams with questions that are near to impossible to understand by avoiding the specification as much as possible. If you are being examined by OCR you know exactly what is being said here. These fucks also mark exams and coursework very harshly probably because the organisation is run by a bunch of old cunts who want to use their remaining life years to ruin as many young lives as possible since they hate seeing younger people being more successful than they could have ever been in their whole entire existences.
Man I failed my exams because I was assessed by OCR
by No_Quarter_for_them May 13, 2020
Abbreviation of Overclocked Remixes, a video game music remix site.
I got this sweet Megaman mix at OCR!
by Invalid H. User April 24, 2003
Original Cast Racording- Musicals mainly
by Ceres June 5, 2005
Overclocked Remix.

Lamest boards in all existence, but great remixes.
OMFG ocr's unmod foram r 4 ghey
by DJP November 8, 2003
adj - Abbreviated form of mediocre,
average, moderate to inferior in quality.
"We can do much better, this design is totally ocre!"
by Anonymous October 20, 2003