A city is a place of life, the center of humanity, a metropolis of ideas, a home of traditions and cultures, it is a place where people can make their future.
I live in a city.
by Hamdan_101YT December 19, 2018
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A word that can be included in any sentence. Just work off what you see.
If it's crowded- 'Man It's Like People City Up In This Bitch'.
If summits boring-'Man it's like borin city up in herre'
by JadaChris October 19, 2003
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A large settlement of people, typically over 100,000 residents. Most cities are fairly large overcome with roping interstates and glass skyscrapers that blind people with sunlight reflected off of the windows. Most larger cities also have significantly more pollution because of power plants, factories, and cars. Most cities can also be seen as a large glowing dot when viewed from outer space. People sometimes also commute to a city from a small town nearby to work, which could cause a city’s daytime population to rise by a considerable amount.
I live in a large city of 450,000 people.
by Legoman3319 February 10, 2018
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An expression indicating excessive or copius amounts; experessing several of one race or object
"Gay people city"
"People City"
"Those kids over there, are fat city"
by Halfblaked February 02, 2003
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see also shite, embarassing, and bitters.
City < United

In your bitter blue world, in your bitter blue world...
by International Bad Boy October 28, 2004
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tha wonderful area known to tourists as San Francisco.
Boi..I'm from the city by tha bay..what thizz it?
by baybeeh January 17, 2007
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