A place to go when you want quality service with a smile. Serves smilie cookies on request, and where large tatted men make eye contact while alluding to bunny eating in illicit contexts. Great date spot.
"You must really dig that chick, you took her to Eat n' Park"
by Caroline787 February 24, 2008
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Restaurant that serves mediocre food, has greeters that SIT PEOPLE AT DIRTY TABLES (a health code violation), and stays open 24 hours so the drunks can come in and raise hell.
by JBauer May 4, 2005
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Eat 'n Park is a chain of 24 hour diners in Western PA (Pittsburgh area) and a small part of very Eastern Ohio. Eat 'n Park has pretty shitty food (except breakfast) and even shittier service but for some reason most teenagers are obessed with it, largely due to the fact it's about the only place to go, especially at 1am. Usually if you peak into the smoking section you'll find several punks smoking cigarettes and not ordering a single thing.
"There is nothing to do in this fucking town except go to Eat 'n Park"
by Lorelai July 31, 2006
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