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Something you write on a chat, where you get mad at your typo or you're getting overexcited about something. The *BOOM* means that you get nuked or shot in the head.
You: "Yeah, that was really a good omvie"
You: "Movei*"
You: "Mvoei*"
You: "OMG!!!"
You: "*BOOM*"
Guy: "You're alright?"
You: "No, I hate when I type wrong"

You: "It's my birthday tomorrow!!"
Guy: "Cool"
You: "I think I'm gonna get a Playstation 3, or maybe an Xbox360, OR even a Wii, AND MAYBE A NEW COMPUTER!!"
You: "*BOOM*"
Guy: "wow..."
by Mattematask December 14, 2009
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