a girl has her pants pulled down and they hold a tennis racked hard against her butt, then they take a hairbrush up and down the racket.

It was easy to over do. Sometimes they would chant awful waffle. This was a crude variation of the salute your shorts version. They generally stopped when the girl cried a lot or someone felt bad for her.
The worst I've ever heard was a girl was caught takin another girls mp3 player. The camp made her pick up garbage with her hands all day and she even missed lunch.

When she was being punished the other girl had taken syrup and butter from commissary.

They grabbed her at the far end of camp tackled her lifted her tennis skirt and pulled her briefs down, She got the worst Awful Waffle evr, It was sooo bad, her skin was raw!

After it was over the girls stuck a half frozen stick of butter up her butt, poured the syrup on her ass, pulled her briefs up and poured some syrup in her cooch & in her hair!

Her hands were tied in-front of her with tennis racket tape, gave her a little wedgie & sent her on her way. It was really hot that day, and the walk back wasn't short.

The syrup had been done before but it was the first time I heard of a stick of butter being shoved up another girls butt.
by xoTeenidol216xo May 28, 2010
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When someone puts a tennis racquet over your face and takes a raging dump through the racquet onto their face.
Dude I totally gave your mom an Awful Waffle lastnight
by Dick Tucker May 24, 2004
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awful waffle is where you put syrup in your womans pussy then you make love to her and afterwards she licks the sweet syrup off your cock
me and my woman were feelin horny and wanted something sweet so i gave her an awful waffle
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 14, 2009
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Whilst a unknowing friend is asleep, you bat them in the face with a tennis racket. Immediately afterwards, you pour maple syrup all over their face, making the appearance of a swollen waffle.
We sneaked in last night and gave John an awful waffle he won't forget.
by slicrider August 3, 2008
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