the pungeant odur coming from a unwashed groin & ass area
the manc waffting off buddy is making my eyes water.
by diassmfb October 17, 2007
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Most certainty one of the most hated parts of the United Kingdom. If anyone wonders were all the drug abusers etc… come from then look no further than Manchester (usually the moss side area). Most of them are usually racist and don’t have jobs but continue to give other parts of the UK negative comments.
Theirs the manc bastard, fucking kill him now before he gets away with my car. Oh shit them kappa tracky bottoms are hurting my eyes and he got away
by BuLLDoG March 11, 2004
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Manchester is the biggest shit hole on the planet and the people who populate it are the reason why. Terrible thick sounding accent and scruffy chav clothing

Be sure to visit Salford and Gorton they are both lovely places NOT!
"Hello I am a Manc, I am robbing chav scum"
by Paul D April 07, 2005
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A person who lives in manchester!

(the only reason why there are so many scally's and arse raping idiots living in manchester is cos of ppl like u lot that say there are - thats why they all come and live here!!!!!)
i'm a manc but i do not want to be classed as a person who stabs ppl and take old grannies handbags thank u very much!
by girl July 01, 2004
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scummy lil fuckers who use words like mint and think there boss most of them have moved out of manchester beacuse of the immigrants moving into manchester
mint man
by kidaaaa July 20, 2006
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People from the city of Manchester (in England). Also known as Mancunians.
Uhm... can't think of an example. Just (usually) friendly people you might meet on a train or plane somewhere, or, of course, in Manchester.
by Dic(tionary)Head April 02, 2005
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In reply to most of the other definitions on here, i am 3/4 Manc and i am not 'horrible,a waster,a slut,a junkie,a rapist,a peadophile' or anything else you have claimed us to be. There are some Mancs who let us down,it DOES NOT mean we are all like it. There are a few people in every place you go to.Wherever you lot live aint perfect either.I can guarantee it.I live in Devon now and i have actually heard of just as much trouble going on here as i did in ,Manchester. You need to concentrate on what ur own area is like rather than judging everywhere else.
Any other Mancs that agree with me? Or just anyone at all that agrees?
by Missy16 October 22, 2007
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