The one member of a group of lads who all other members of the group have dark considerations of
That Boycey....He's a right fucking Shipman he is...
by smooo February 04, 2011
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Getting Shipmaned is when you go to the doctor and get a jab, but only end up very ill/dead after this experience. Often the latter, getting Shipmaned is something that many people experience due to the doctor having homicidal tendencies
Jed: Where is Dave?

Harry: He cant be here today

Jed: why not?

Harry: He got shipmaned

Jed: Oh shit, when is the funeral?

Harry: Next wednesday
by chubby thy legend September 25, 2009
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to act in a homosexual manner, or to be really gay.
you where being a total shipman when you grabbed my nuts.
by airbud69 November 07, 2006
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" I want a proper wage" " sorry your a shipman"
by joe cobaine March 23, 2005
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The absolute crackhead of all crackheads, she laughs at everything and bullies everyone when when she probably shouldn’t, she’s unintentionally the funniest person you know and gives the best hugs ever
Someone: did you see her

Someone else: yes

Someone: she is such an Izzy shipman
by Butterfly’s April 11, 2020
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There's only one Harold Shipman,
one Harold Shipman,
Scousers gives thanks,
cos he only kills Mancs,
Walking in a Shipman Wonderland
by Monty Panesar May 03, 2006
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A weird man. Very cunning yet very Mexican. He can be very stupid sometimes and wants to take stuff from stores.
Hey that guy at the store was being a Jeremy shipman.
by RandomPerson2447 January 23, 2017
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