The football club in Manchester that West Ham fans support.
There's this great club called Manchester City. They're buzzin.
by jay66uk July 21, 2006
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A formerly Great, formerly shite, and now better than ever, football team from Manchester.

Following the clubs purchase by some rich folk, city have enjoyed a meteoric rise in the last 3 seasons reaching the sort of heights that have been sadly absent since the late 60's and early 70's, maintaining a great support through the low points, including relegation to the third tier of English football which was followed by an instant double promotion in the next two seasons.

Since then the club has moved from Maine Road to The City of Manchester Stadium and has finally started to rise to the footballing standard of the fierce local rivals Manchester United. In the 2010/2011 season Man City overcame United at Wembley in the FA cup semi final on the way to win their first trophy in 35 years and resulting in a certain banner being removed from the much quieter stadium in the city.

In 2011 City will take their first steps in the worlds most prestigious club football tournament, the UEFA champions League after achieving a 3rd place finish, level on points with Chelsea FC in second.
Your friend seems like a nice guy" "Yeah, he must be he supports Manchester City
by PeteM68 June 13, 2011
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A sad football team with no history whatsoever. Their fans are known for being bitter to sick extents, like singing songs about Hillsborough and Munich disasters. They flirted with the Fourth Division in the late 90's and after regaining Premiership status, were sold to a petroleum sugar daddy. After that, the fans started acting like they have won lots of trophies in the last 50 years, despite the fact I can count how many honors they won with my left hand alone.

Thank God, Wigan Athletic proved them that money can't buy class or desire to win. 500000000000000€ only to lose the FA Cup to Wigan and the Premier League to Utd. Well done, you sheikhs.
Typical football scene in the 90's:

"Manchester City lost again, mate."
"And only lost 2-0. That's good for their standards."
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN May 13, 2013
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The only team in Manchester, as Trafford Un*ted like to suck off the glory of the great City of Manchester.

What makes me laugh is all you rags who say that City are 'bitter' and are obsessed with Trafford Un*ted. It is all you lot (or at least a large number) that are obessed with City and not the other way round. You should be worrying about your own club, not ours. I suppose it must be hard though, winning all those trophies, and having all those fans all over the world, and still just being a Trafford club.

Un*ted should adopt 3 stars on their shirt as well!
3- fewer european cups than the most successful british team.
3- fans from manchester.
3- decibels heard from their fans at home matches.
3- other teams supported before finally settling for Utd.
3- prawn sandwiches eaten per person per game.
3- dives per game from the winker.

3 reasons to support such a great club as Trafford-
1. price fixed their own shirts to screw their fans.
2. tried to get 3' 0 clock saturday kick off's televised and shaft all the small lower division clubs in the process.
3. tried to screw more money to televise their games than every other premier league club from SKY.

Or the 3 stars count for the number of home games recently that "the worlds greatest club" have failed to sell out - also it stands for the number of miles that the swamp is outside manchesters boundarys , remember the rags can win the treble every year but they will still be imposters from trafford living off manchesters reflected glory
Manchester City fans are ACTUALLY FROM Manchester and are not a bunch of Cockney/Chinese/Far Eastern Wind Up Merchants.
by True Blue. April 1, 2007
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Amature football team supported by only bitter rebels wanting to be different whilst growing up around those that support the Mighty Manchester United. Recently became the richest amaturds in the world but agent Hughes is doing a great job so far, no Kaka, no European football......35 years and counting!
"Hey, isn't that your gay cousin wearing that Manchester City shirt"? "He's definitely gay, not my cousin though".
by Jonesyuk225 May 12, 2009
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Massive Club with 3 stars on top of their badge to symbol 10 years of no trophies for each star! cITEH also boast a stadium (the council house) paid for by manchester united fans from there council tax (as city fans dont pay it in general)

two words : MASSIVE cLUB

The council house is never full, unless you play man united
United > cITEH

Manchistoh is red 30 years 30 years

Manchester city *** 3 stars.
by Bert_cITEH August 21, 2006
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A sack of shite filled to the brim with oil money, which its nonexistent supporters claim as a 'football club'. It comes as no surprise that they bought all their fans at the local electronics store, because they're all plastic anyway. Their Emptyhad Stadium is so full of plastic they donate it to fund the Kardashians' plastic surgery. The 16 pieces of plastic that call themselves 'fans' of this cesspool regularly gather together online and tell normal football fans to bugger off 'because their club is unsuccessful', without realising that their shitsack is just a hyperinflated bubble powered by massive amounts of oil.
Manchester City is like a SpaceX rocket. It uses oil to propel itself up, and eventually disintegrates anyway.

Did you hear that Manchester City have just received 115 financial fair play charges? Yeah, that shite club is done for.

Normal football fan: 'Goddamn it, Manchester City have bought another player for 14120943^11278 octoquinquadrillion pounds.'
Random piece of plastic: 'yEaH tHaTs RiGhT oUr ClUb'S tHe BeSt ClUb EvEr!!!111'
Normal football fan: 'Oh. You must get no pussy.'
by cringeboiiii July 15, 2023
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