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the correct definiton to "taint" is the spot between the vagina and the asshole. That is what taint is. Gooch is the spot between the nut sac and the asshole. Now you know the difference on those spots...
(girl) "That guy was all over me, he was licking from my pussy to my taint"
(2nd girl) "Woah, sounds like he was into you"
by zergtillian October 26, 2006

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this is an odd one, probably won't end on good terms if you were to do it. Maybe do it if she is pissing you off, or if she has a sence of humor...
Anyways, "pearl necklace to go" is when you act like you are about to cum on her neck as usual, but instead you grab her purse and cum inside of it. You than throw the purse at her, and say something on these lines... "You got your pearl necklace to go, now get the fuck out of here"
guy about to cum, aiming towards her neck. *grabs her purse* *cums inside of purse*
"Heres your pearl necklace to go, now get the fuck out of here"
by zergtillian October 17, 2006

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Another word for "Pre-cum"
"I almost had to cum when I was rubbing my cock saliva on you"
by zergtillian March 08, 2009

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this is what I've learned "smexy" to be, and I think it sounds the best, so it's how I use it...
First off, "sexy" is meant for someone you want to have sex with. While "smexy" is someone who you want to have sex with, but cuddle with afterwards. That's how I know it to be, and it sounds the best...
she is so smexy
(guy) "you are so smexy looking"
(girl) "Awwww thank you"
by zergtillian October 21, 2006

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you are all wrong, the correct definition for "tony danza" is... You are getting head by someone (chick) than you pull it out, and you cock slap him/her and you say "who's the boss" and they'll most likely say you are, and than you cock slap them again, and say "NO! Tony Danza's the boss!"
you're getting head, and you pull it out for a sec, and you cockslap her.

(you) *cocks slaps* "Who's the boss!?"
(girl) *you are"
(you) *cock slaps her again* "NO! Tony Danza is!"
by zergtillian October 14, 2006

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