15 definitions by your Lord and Savior

Someone with BALLS. I mean, for real, can you imagine making that kind of sacrifice for your principles? JESUS!
I'm a vegetarian, which is cool, and I still nearly have to change underwear after watching Taco Bell commercials. I can't imagine being a vegan.
by your Lord and Savior August 25, 2007
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A place to escape from the evil government conspiracy to brainwash public school students into being emotional wrecks, dependent on the Man and ready to waste their life in a factory or cubicle.
Praise Jesus! My family has enough money (barely) to send me to private school and save me from the Man!
by your Lord and Savior August 27, 2007
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A terrible excuse for music. Miserable instrumentalists, lyricists, and composers. Simply put, they FUCKING SUCK! Axl Rose has zero talent, and has to cover it up by whining like a newborn baby.
Slash? Have you morons ever heard of Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton? Guns n' Roses couldn't lick Led Zeppelin's sweaty, hairy BALLS!
by your Lord and Savior August 26, 2007
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The REAL greatest southern rock band of all time. The Allman Brothers were a blues-rock band from Macon, Georgia. There were actually only two real "Allman brothers" in the band, Duane (the 2nd greatest guitarist of all time, according to Rolling Stone), and Gregg, who played organ. The other members were lead guitarist Dickey Betts, bassist Berry Oakley, and drummers Butch Trucks and Jaimoe Johanson. Sadly, Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1971, and Berry Oakley met the same fate just a year later. The remaining members stumbled along until the early '80s, when they dissolved due to infighting and drug abuse. They reunited with several new members in 1989, and continue to tour. In 2000, Dickey Betts was fired because of his alcoholism, and the band has continued without him.
Seriously, Lynyrd Skynyrd is great, but they are far from the greatest southern rock band of all time. The Allman Brothers invented the genre, and they're still the best.
by your Lord and Savior October 8, 2007
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An ill song by the Who, released as a single in 1967. The song, written by Pete Townshend, is about masturbation.
Pictures of Lily is an awesome song.
by your Lord and Savior September 1, 2007
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Megacorporate Television. They don't have any actual artists, only talentless whores like Britney Spears and My Chemical Romance.
by your Lord and Savior August 26, 2007
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