A hot raw sexual encounter with a young male adult
cant believe you had Johanson last nite?
by 24strongbow March 3, 2011
A young black man in his prime. Aids free nigga johanson be so fresh. You'll freezes to death, he so shiny fresh.
"Nigga Johan so shiny fresh!"

"Das ma Nigga Johanson, dawg"

"Nigga Johanson be frontin in da club, bitch."

" Dont touch that chicken finga nigga Johan"
by Laverga February 6, 2014
Sue Johanson is the shit. She talks about sex every Sunday night on Oxygen, & knows everything. Plus with her being a billion years old makes it all better, & more entertaining. Watching her explain the sex toy of the week is hilairous; & a great conversation starter for school on Monday!
kristen- "did you watch sue johanson last night? she talked about a cock ring! but her positions of the week are getting weak."
larsyn- "no, i can't believe you watch that show."
by YoItsKristenAP April 3, 2008
"omfg who is that hottie over thur?!"
"o, thats elise johanson"
by ........... April 24, 2005
A Danziger Johansson Jones of the highest form.
You're being such a Danziger Johanson.
by Danziger Johansonn March 5, 2018
Elise Johanson es thy coolest kiddie in thy world! she shall take a sh*t(hardy har har im in school...no cursing!) on someones chest!! i love that grl shes a beastt yaya elmer all thy way!
Elise-"I'm going to take a sh*t on someones chest."
Me- "Have fun, and remember follow your heart!"
by Studd (haha) April 5, 2005
Coolest, hottest girl alive...plus quite good at h/u
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