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A dialect of the english language, with no heed to the letter s, and various other pronunciation flaws eg. Multiply instead of, multiple.
The ones on top are one pages stories, while the ones on the bottom have multiply chapters in them.

That the worst idea ever, 984.

Shouldn't be coming back soon? (no ref as to who they are reffering to.)

Speaking of bad shrines, what happen to Rirse? (no s)

by yoshi November 4, 2003
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A really talented singer/songwriter who actually puts THOUGHT into her lyrics and actually plays an instrument. Doesn't like being called the Anti-Britney, or being compared to Avril because she's just herself. Really intelligent and really pretty too.
Katy Rose is one of my idols. ^_^
by yoshi October 1, 2004
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Something that's fun to fondle with.
* Yoshi fondles your breasts.
by yoshi December 8, 2002
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A rash or abrasion received on a mans (or womans) tongue, lip, chin, nose, etc... when he/she has given particuarly active oral sex to a girl. Results from continual rubbing on pubic hair, or pubic hair stubble.
guy1: "Dude, what's up with that rash on your lip?"
guy2: "muffburn man-- 2 hours of oral and I got muffburn!"
by yoshi May 5, 2004
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"Rotten Old Tomatoes Lying in Mayo For An Our" lol, i thought that up as i typed it
o shit, i steped in rotlmfao
by yoshi March 22, 2005
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