17 definitions by yoshi

michael, casey, and that one guy.
oh my itsy bitsy titsy girl. where are you?

by yoshi February 27, 2004
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The caption of a few images used when an individual says something that seems as if they were new to the world wide web.
kid: (in big red font) L00k whut i kan d0!
average human: *HA! HA! I'm using teh internet! image*
by yoshi February 12, 2005
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one of the many ways to express pleasure during sexual activities. good for explaining your actions afterwards.
person1: errr schwank schwank... eee-rr eee-rr owwww!
person2: dilililoop! dingdong!
by yoshi February 27, 2004
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A person that is he biggest smut around ya way.
yo that bitch is smutalicious
by yoshi August 31, 2004
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He owns you. OWNS YOU I SAY!
"You own as much as splodge!"
by yoshi July 22, 2003
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