The process of taking a large poop. It can be solid or loose but the more the better.
Cindy: John, I ate at Pollo Campero 15 minutes ago and then I had sudden bowel evacuation.

John: Maybe it wasn't the food.

Cindy: It's happened the last two times I ate there.
by Dragon Pipes November 14, 2013
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when you have shittited on yo damn self and it evacuates abruptly out of the anus(asshole) and for fat hoes with big buick hummer asses yo shit gon clog up and its gon slowly drip out the fat folds. Its gone look like melted ice cream. Yo right ass cheek gone smell like manuder and yo left ass cheek like a flaming homosexual (look it up).So to the fat person bitch lose some weight. Yo ass is to damn fat to have yo shit all clogged up in yo extra dimple hole booty lookin ass. Also called cellulite.
Rue Paul- man while i was my booty shorts my shit was backed up and it was a "wet bowel evacuation".
by Yo mama left nipple November 12, 2010
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