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A genre of film focusing soley on showing brutal gore and in which plot, story, and characters are secondary or nonexistant. Gorenographic films often claim to be horror films, but are completely different because they are not actually frightening, just kinda sick.
Don't waste your time on seeing Silent Hill, it's just gorenography.
by xxcutyourhairxx May 05, 2006
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Something that you don't fap to, but is just arousing enough to get you ready to fap.
Zee: Have you ever watched one of those booty-shaking videos on YouTube? That's a fappetizer.
by xxcutyourhairxx March 14, 2010
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Alcohol. Just as a regular chaser is something good-tasting following an unpleasant drink, a reality chaser follows the biggest unpleasantry of all; real life.
Shit, I got fired AND my car's been toed? Methinks this calls for a reality chaser.
by xxcutyourhairxx May 07, 2006
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what happens when you go for more than a day only eating only candybars. Trust me it's not cool.
Man so I didn't want to go to the grocery store, but all we had in the fridge was fun size 100 grands.... You shoulda seen the poopydust the next day.
by xxcutyourhairxx May 04, 2006
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A fat, or "thick" person, most often in refrence to potential sexual attraction. Generally the derogitory label attributed to a person, or type of person, towards which someone is typically aroused by. Thickins are usually, but not exclusively, female.

Alternately spelled "thickun," espc. south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Holy crap she's a thickin.

Hold on, are you talking about the girl that sits next to you in computer class? You think she's hot? Jon...please tell me you're not into the thickins.
by xxcutyourhairxx May 04, 2006
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