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A genre of film focusing soley on showing brutal gore and in which plot, story, and characters are secondary or nonexistant. Gorenographic films often claim to be horror films, but are completely different because they are not actually frightening, just kinda sick.
Don't waste your time on seeing Silent Hill, it's just gorenography.
by xxcutyourhairxx May 05, 2006
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A subgenre of Ecchi (Japanese Animated Pornography) that usually involves the characters involved cutting each other apart with sharp instruments. The gore in such cases are incredibly excessive, and can even include young underage girls.
Jack: That gorenography stuff is pretty messed up!
Jill: You're telling me...
by Bob Wilderbrook January 06, 2008
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Any movies, shows, stories, comics, art, and any other printable, or recordable material, commonly of the horror genre, that tailors to extreme violence, gore, and mutilation.
"She's been on a Nightmare on Elm St. marathon lately, though I couldn't watch that much gorenography without developing some disturbing problems."

Movies: Hostel, Friday the 13th

Books: It by Steven King, Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series is quite explicit also

Music: Gwar, Cradle of Filth

Comics: Vault of Horror, some stories in Heavy Metal tend to be blood and guts and not much else
by Mr Crisper April 24, 2011
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