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what happens when you go for more than a day only eating only candybars. Trust me it's not cool.
Man so I didn't want to go to the grocery store, but all we had in the fridge was fun size 100 grands.... You shoulda seen the poopydust the next day.
by xxcutyourhairxx May 04, 2006
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I first heard this word in 1991. My friend Katie said it in seventh grade. I believe it is a euphemism for the s word (you know, 'poop') - I don't know if I'm allowed to print it here. Anyway, I think it's cute and have only heard it once since - from a co-worker named Christina who thought she made it up.
Upon realizing you don't have enough change for pop/upon realizing you set off your car alarm... "Oh poopydust!" Yeah, it's usually said alone. Giggling usually ensues.
by Annie April 15, 2004
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My Mom would say this all the time when I was young (I am 31 now).
I second the notion that it is slang for "Oh S*#T", but (in my house) it was used in a "laid back" context.
(after stuffing you face at Thanksgiving dinner you unzip your pants and slide down on the couch)
"Ahh poopydust"
by j.d. December 16, 2004
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