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Short for I know it has a major problem, it's not worth fixing, and I hope you are stupid enough to buy it as-is. A Big warning flag when buying an old computer.
Dude the case is smoking, no it just has a virus.
by wjc January 10, 2012

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Some one who tells lies about Obama. Some one who tells the truth about Obama. Some one who wants to know what Obama is really about. Some one who thinks it takes more than feeling good about Obama to run the country.
If you don't believe in the Obama Magic and want just the facts you are an Obama Buster.
by wjc April 22, 2008

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When a group of retards suddenly appear, do stupid and retarded stuff, and disappear.
The cops saw the video some flash tards posted on you tube, and most of them have been busted for vandalism.
by wjc December 29, 2011

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The U.S. under Obama and the dems.
Obama bails out the rich, and screws everybody else. Only in the Retardation nation would this be tolerated.
by wjc December 25, 2009

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When you delete a craigslist listing because the bullshit from induhviduals make selling something more trouble than it's worth.
Some clown wants a ninety day warranty on a $10 p3. I put the compter in the trash , and duhleted the listing , for $10 it isn't worth it. You want the $10 computer provided I drive 90 miles to deliver it? Sorry I just duhleted the listing.
by wjc September 12, 2010

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A really old slut prowling the meat markets for young guys.
Look at that old gal in the young clothes, and heavy makeup trying to look young. She's a real dinoslut.
by wjc January 17, 2010

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Some one who spends most of their free time on Craigslist. Causing them to lose contact with family friends, and reality.
What a craigsor you wasted all weekend chasing after crap you don't need on craigslist.
by wjc February 18, 2012

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