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The turning of the United States into a third world country like Mexico. The continuing enrichment of the very rich at the expense of the middle and working class, causing the gap between rich and poor to become even greater, with upward social mobility becoming a myth. The growing realization that Washington serves only those who can afford to buy the whores.
With Obama bailing out the rich by piling an unbelievable debt on the nonrich he is continuing the Mexification that Bush started.
by wjc October 14, 2009

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A thing, or person that is today's hot item and is gone tomorrow. From the way a bottle rocket shoots into the sky goes bang and is gone. A one hit wonder.
Some people think Obama is a bottle rocket, only time will tell.
by wjc April 13, 2008

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From "We is bigger than me." a phrase used by management to shake down the workers for charity. Both sentences carry the same threat " pay up or face retaleation." You would think that well off management putting the arm on workers who aren't making it as things are now would be wrong, but as it is for a good cause it is ok.
The clowns up stairs lost over a million bucks last year, I don't think the money they squeezed out of us with their "We is bigger than you " drive covered it.
by wjc December 21, 2009

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Something that doesn't really exist, that can only be sold to the really stupid or gullible.
Obama's health care program is shadow polish.
by wjc January 09, 2010

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A nigga's white bitch.
Barbra Walters is a skank.
by wjc May 08, 2008

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A nigga's white skanky hoe.
barbara walters is a slut.
by wjc May 09, 2008

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A nigga who tell it like it is and don't give a fuck what whitey or Obama thinks.
Obama can kiss Reverend Wright black ass.
by wjc May 07, 2008

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