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someone who enjoys triple headers: filling all body openings with copious amounts of cum
he's a triathlete-he fucked her mouth, her cunt and her ass in under an hour!!!! good job!!!!
by wingedunicorn June 12, 2007
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having sex in three different orifice within a 24 hour period, preferably with 3 different partners
see also "triathlete"
oh man, what a day. gave tim a blow job, fucked antoine and jeanette sodomized me with a strap on!!! TRIPLE HEADER!!!!
by wingedunicorn June 12, 2007
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(Liquid Acid and Ecstasy) When one is under the influence of both liquid acid (lysergic acid diethylamide) and ecstasy (MDMA)
Person 1:"Yo man I'm going on a trip tonight."
Person 2:"Are you going to be landing in LA-X."
Person 1:"Well, I certainly hope so."
by wingedunicorn November 2, 2009
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Self-hating Trumpette, registered Republican, who spews reasons 45 is Making America Great Again.
Ann Coulter is a Rethuglicunt, the way she hates everyone except Old White Men who are racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, etc. Pretty much, She hates everything except her daddy.
Mommy Pence, Rethuglicunt, just signed a contract to teach at a 'Christian' school. The school is the epitome of anti-LGBTQ+.
by wingedunicorn January 20, 2019
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when you are so busy working and being productive but manage to squeeze in a really hot fuck session
her: oh wow, i had a stack of papers to enter and spreadsheets to update but i took a longer break and we had the hottest sex ever!
coworker: no wonder you're so happy at work! you're profucktive to the nth!
by wingedunicorn January 28, 2013
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her cum was the perfect bechamel sauce for my cock a la king.
by wingedunicorn June 12, 2007
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the art of orally stimulating the female. includes licking, sucking, biting and nibbling the clitoris and labia, both majora and minora. the more talented will pull on the clit or labia with their teeth or lips, swirl their tongue inside the woman's vagina. biting and licking the inner thighs, lower abdomen, perineum and anus are also part of oral play. some women like to be manually stimulated at the same time, either by being finger-fucked (vagina or anus), having their g-spot massaged, clit tickled, abdomen or thighs grabbed or squeezed. there are infinite variations on the act. dan savage wrote an excellent column on this in the spring of 2006.
the man went down on me so many times, so many ways and got me off so intensely that i told him he should give lessons in cunnilingus. and he told me he only spoke french!
by wingedunicorn August 16, 2007
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