One who participates in events called "Triathlons". Triathlon's often involve swimming, biking and running. The sport also includes spending lots of money on bike equipment and early morning puke sessions in the pool. Most triathlete's could be classified as homosexual as they wear speedo's and shave their bodies (shaving genitals is optional but recommended). It has been suggested that most triathlete's have a sexual attraction to David Hasselhoff and prefer prostate massages.
If I were a triathlete it would be acceptable to shave my genitals and ask bob if I could give him a prostate massage.
by ChirsR March 5, 2007
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someone who enjoys triple headers: filling all body openings with copious amounts of cum
he's a triathlete-he fucked her mouth, her cunt and her ass in under an hour!!!! good job!!!!
by wingedunicorn June 12, 2007
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A person whos highschool year consists of three differently catagorized sports. Mainly football wrestling and track. The three sports must be totally different. football baseball, and basketball are all in the same catagory. Same as Xcountry and track.
My sophmore year i wrestled, was on the football team, and ran track for Bergenfield High therefore i am a TRIathlete
by Imad Hussain February 26, 2007
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